Workers of The Institute


Dr. Tomasz Borowski, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: science of chemical technology, geology, palaeontology, geography, chemistry of seas and oceans, tourism, environmental protection, education)

Zofia Borowska, Secretary of The Institute
(specialities: geography, tourism, education)


Prof. Tadeusz Hryniewicz, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: science of technology, biochemical sciences, environmental protection, tourism and geography)

Prof. K. A. I. L. Wijewardena Gamalath, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: environment protection, tourism, geography)

Dr. Andrzej Borowski, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: religions and cultures of the world, anthropology of the world)

Dr. Effiom Essien Oku, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: climate change science, water-soil-waste nexus, remote sensing and GIS, environmental soil physics, green economy)

Dr. Achmad Rizal, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: fisheries management, marine and coastal tourism, regional development, economic geography)

Dr. Fabio Rossano Dario, Professor of The Institute
(specialities: monitoring of ecosystems, evaluation of environmental impacts and ethnobiology)

Monday Sunday Adiaha, Assistant of The Institute
(specialities: soil physics, hydrology, biophysics, climate change)